The healslut game

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She can up with an offensive hero and tend to their every injury, make them more powerful in combat, and resurrect her fallen comrades. But for healsluts, obedience, reliance, and unyielding attention is the point. But instead of in-person roleplay or online kink sexting, gaming becomes the vehicle for the power exchange between mutually consenting parties.

Sexual preferences also vary. Some healsluts play with toys or enjoy healslutting games. Others create their own rules with their play partners. Some refrain from in-game play and just hang out on the Healsluts Discord , roleplaying, kinkposting, or fantasizing about healslutting. You could call it a method of doing long-distance BDSM while hanging out. Just like in meatspace, we connect to others—and ourselves—through sexual experiences. Marlow , who researches sexuality, religion, fan studies, and queer characters in gaming at the University of Sheffield, told me. After ing the Homestuck fandom, she started drawing porn of its characters.

But in this anonymous online space, that exploration could be much more consequence-free. In roleplay, two or more people meet, create a story with fictional characters, and share a private world together as they interact. In the Healsluts Discord, that includes text roleplays where participants star as their favorite video game characters. Massively multiplayer online games MMOs gave her an avenue for self-expression well before she realized she was transgender.

She soon entered into a relationship with another player who went by the username Teyah. We were inseparable, or at least I was inseparable from her. While the incident caused major tension between Eimi and Teyah, the two eventually patched things up, and the encounter would influence how the couple had online sex once they started cybering together. I asked her if I could first play as a woman, and then a woman with a dick. She preferred me topping but was open to topping me, something I begged for more and more.

But MMOs are fundamentally social experiences. Eimi had to make friends to play the game. Because users found ways to engage with each other sexually, Final Fantasy XI became more than just a space for play. It became a world where people like Eimi and Teyah could experiment with each other privately and safely. That legacy lives on today through spaces like the Healsluts Discord, where players can use games like Overwatch and League of Legends to explore without shame. Infighting over adult content is as old as fandom itself.

But that was 30 years ago, and the world has changed, right? Beyond the proliferation of adult content online, not really. In December, Tumblr instituted a sitewide ban on NSFW content, effectively exiling its adult users—and a robust queer, kink community—into various corners of the internet.

The opinion of the world on that act. But his article also feels incredibly voyeuristic. Simultaneously fascinated and surprised that players would sexualize the healer dynamics in Overwatch, Winkie seems to think healsluts represents the weirdest part of the internet: the horny one. He was correct. Now, there are over 34, subscribers on Reddit and over 24, members on Discord. Complaints aside, Kotaku fostered the healsluts community and exposed it to thousands. The message is obvious: Healers are weak, passive participants in a game. Want to do nothing useful but heal everyone until your team wins?

Go play Mercy then, healslut. At all. Is the microaggression subtle? Do it enough times, and it goes beyond stigmatizing the kink itself, but dehumanizing the kinkster. Not much has changed. One bit implies a female healslut has no self-respect for engaging in the kink.

The message is read loud and clear by his viewers: Healsluts are deranged perverts. It was here where she built some of her strongest friendships and where she began doing erotic roleplays. If the internet helped each of these queer women discover more about themselves, then fandom—and more specifically, fandoms where people can openly express themselves sexually—gave them the stage they needed to act out their sexual fantasies in a safe and empowering way. Information is more accessible than ever, and when that includes both fandom and adult content, the internet lets people work through their identity, learn more about themselves, and feel proud of their kinks.

But to do that, we have to be allowed to experiment with our sexualities. That means kinkshaming needs to be condemned in fandom, be it in Overwatch or Star Wars. Correction: A version miscounted the members in the Healsluts Discord; it has been updated. Ana Valens is a reporter specializing in online queer communities, marginalized identities, and adult content creation. She lives in Brooklyn, New York, and spends her free time developing queer adult games.

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The healslut game

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