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The Fappening Blog got its humble start a few years ago as TheFappening. Remember back in August , when you found out that Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, and a bunch of other celebrities suddenly had nudes floating around? Yeah, that massive leak of intimate photos of famous people, coinciding with a massive surge in tissue sales, will forever be known as The Fappening. While the cyber-heroes behind the original Fappening leak have been caught and sentenced, their contributions to fapping never to be forgotten, TheFappeningBlog.

In the meantime, The Fappening Blog has a steady stream of daily updates. This is the definition of mobile-friendly. Looking at the front right now, only about a third of them show tits. Most of the content is photos of hot celebrities in revealing clothes. Some are posed, some are candid paparazzi shots. Fake Nudes, Too I fell down the rabbit hole looking at those sunbathing pics I mentioned.

Emma Watson, Hermione from the Harry goddamn Potter series, was squatting naked, legs spread, in the middle of the . Watson has a disappointing lack of even tasteful full-frontal fuck scenes in her flicks. They often show the original photos that went into creating the counterfeit masterpiece.

Hell, she might be on it, anyway. None of that extra info is going to help me get my rocks off. Just show me the tits and the fucking! I first stumbled on the list while looking for Zooey Deschanel nudes. The Fappening Blog puts all this wank-worthy gold in one place; on one , you can see all those pics and watch all those videos of Aubrey. Pick your favorite star, grab some lotion, and make a day of it. They range in dirtiness from swimsuit photos to nip slips to outright getting fucked on camera, but they all rank among the hottest chicks in the world. They ask you to decide whether a photo is fake or to choose between celebrities.

Honestly, my hands were a little too full to vote, but the polls did provide a nice link between stars during my masturbatory perusal of the blog. Record that vote! My biggest complaint about The Fappening Blog would be the half-ass tagging on posts. I should be able to find everything in one category, like fake nudes or blowjobs, with one click at the bottom of a similar post. Most of the sub-forums get a few posts day, and that includes a fair of leaked nudes. Deepfakes are the next level of fake nudes.

I promise you will hear a lot about them, and hopefully see a lot of them, in years to come. Overall, TheFappeningBlog often misspelled as "the frappening" is a great resource for almost anybody looking to spank it to celebrities. Everyone else is going to love this shit. Open TheFappeningBlog. TheFappeningBlog Clean blog layout An impressive selection of celebrities Mostly very soft, minimal hardcore material. Inadequate tagging on posts Not many hacked nudes lately.

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The fappening forums

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