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Space Paws is a flash game, a mix between point'n'click , visual novel and dating sim , with furry content [1] , produced by Taifun Riders [2]. In this game, a human male protagonist wakes up with amnesia in a cryopod aboard a spaceship, which is currently in a planetary system of four planets, each belonging to one race: catd , dogs , foxes and Lacertans reptiles. Due to mankind's unsustainable model of production, our planet Terra has been running out of its main resources. Furthermore, the chemical composition of the air started showing an irreversible increase of toxic elements that will lead to a new global mass extinction.

The scientists' estimations indicate that this massive extenction is set to begin in years. That is why the world leaders decided to build twelve STX model spaceships, and send a couple of humans in each one, a mal and a female. These spaceships would be sent in different directions throughout the universe to find planets where life might be possible. The main objectives of all STX expeditions are:. You will find a sprouts room in the spaceship. Depending on each planet's characteristics, you will need to plant different ones. This way you will assure the basic resources for the beginning of a new mankind on the planet: oxygen, flora and fruits with different vitamins and nutrients.

As soon as the protagonist leaves the pod, he meets Alison, a female human and his fellow crewmate, who is stunned by the fact that he forgot everything but his name, which is given by the player. As soon as E-Millio, a robot that has been operating the spaceship up to this point, explains the mission to Alison and the protagonist, the latter tells about how he is looking forward to their "sexual adventures", oblivious to the fact that his race may be dead and he and Alison maybe the only hope for humanity, which Alison considers highly irresponsible and walks away to her room, leaving the protagonist to start the mission.

On each planet protagonist can date a female anthropomorphic animal of said planet's race. To complete the mission, he must get a permission from locals to plant sprouts on their planet and then find 3 places on the planet that might be suitable for planting. Dog Planet, as the name suggests, is populated by anthropomorphic dogs.

It's culture and appearance is based on European medieval culture. Here the protagonist must meet the queen of these lands, Roselyn, to ask her for permission to plant the sprouts. However, the queen's beauty makes him wish for a bit more than just permission. Cat Planet, as the name suggests, is populated by anthropomorphic cats. Its culture and appearance is based on Ancient Egyptian culture.

Here the protagonist is mistaken for a god that is capable of bringing the water back. He is soon met by pharaoh's daughter, Nebet, by whom the protagonist is instantly charmed, so he decides to play along. Ytsunne is populated by anthropomorphic foxes. Its culture and appearance is based on science fiction.

Here the protagonist meets the team of rebels that call themselves Fighters and Rebels of Ytsunne, that fight against the New System that has been established in their capital city. After the protagonist decides to the team, he and Siaren, fox girl who has enticed him to , must search for Da Winki, a scientist that can turn the tide of the fight.

Drullu is a planet that seems to harbour remnants of a civilization long gone, and is uninhabitable due to high amounts of Sulfur Dioxide that makes it impossible to breathe. However, a week after the protagonist visits Drullu, the spaceship is attacked by another, bigger spaceship, that has located sprouts aboard and clearly wants to get them. After heroic intervention by E-Millio, the protagonist decides to personally speak with the spaceship's commander, Vyl Daemith, a strong Lacertan woman who is also willing to find a new home for her race.

The protagonist proves to be stronger than her, so she decides that he'll be of much use to help her become a stronger leader. After the 3 places on any planet have been found, the protagonist and Alison must scan them to find out if they are suitable for the sprouts or not.

However, in the storage room, where the protagonist was supposed to just get the shovels, he finds out a diary that might just help him find out more about his past. The protagonist, named by the player at the start of the game, is a 24 year old male human with brown hair and brown eyes. As stated in his card, he's very talented in improvisation and problem solving, has high levels of testosterone, is a hard worker and very persuasive, but gets distracted easily and is sometimes a bit impulsive.

Alison is the protagonist's crewmate on the spaceship. She's a 23 year old female human with red hair and green eyes. As stated in her card, she has very high intelligence, has deep knowledge in biology and biotechnology, is a hard worker, has high levels of fertility, and her good anatomy is adequate for easier labors, but she has low abilities on improvisation and her intelligence is sometimes blocked by emotional decisions. Roselyn is the queen of Dog Planet. She's a female anthropomorphic dog with white fur, brown hair and blue eyes.

She is very respected in her kingdom, but she has grown very tired of this and wishes for someone to treat her like a regular person. Nebet is the priestess of Cat Planet. She's a female anthropomorphic cat with brown fur, red hair and yellow eyes. She is naive, but kind and respectful. Siaren is a member of FRY on Ytsunne. She's a female anthropomorphic fox with peach fur, blue hair and green eyes. She is cheerful and playful, but unpredictable and can be shy.

Vyl Daemith is the leader of Lacertans. She's a female anthropomorphic reptile with green skin and white hair. She is very loyal to her people, but can be unsincere to herself and those close to her. The game is a mix between point'n'click, visual novel and a dating simulator. The player character has 4 base stats: Energy, Strength, Knowledge and Charm. The player can move between locations, interact with objects and people in different ways and occasionally solve puzzles.

Most interactions require a certain amount of energy to be spent. Some interactions require a certain threshold of either Strength, Knowledge and Charm to be met. Energy can be replenished by sleeping in the spaceship, which will however progress the time by 1 day. There's a time limit of 99 days, after which the spaceship runs out of energy and supplies and the game is over.

When achieved certain conditions, a fully animated sex scene commonly referred to as H-scene can be triggered, involving the main 5 dates and some easter egg characters. Every unlocked H-scene can be re-watched in the Gallery that can be accessed in the main menu.

The game is non-linear and has 7 endings that depend on the path the player takes. The game's development started in , by Taifun Raiders, a group formed by 2 people. Main goal was to make a funny video game where not only sex-scenes are the most attractive thing in the game, but all the walkthrough. Space Paws From WikiFur, the furry encyclopedia. Jump to: , search. Space Paws Game's cover art. Personal tools Create Log in. Game's cover art. Hello passengers of the STX. You have been chosen for an essential mission called "Project Reborn". The main objectives of all STX expeditions are: 1- Find habitable planets and use plants when necessary to make those planets more suitable for human life.

The STX spaceships are programmed to wake you up when you are near one of those planets. Sadly, Terra will probably be a desert planet when you wake up. You are humanity's last hope. Good luck, chosen ones. You will need it.

Space paws game guide

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