Soldiers life game

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Want high speed download? Just buy a Premium Pro on k2s and open full world of adult games. Download links SL V1. SL V1. Version 1. Sooooo many names to add. A lot of changes in the backend. I think that the game is a little more smooth now. General Daniska will absorb the rep loss from defeat, retreat and not fighting anything for you, giving you a better foothold on rep at the start. Saraid has a LOT of anger stored for our favorite ice queen , ending that branch. Saraid has a LOT of anger stored for our favorite ice queen.

Try to find if for a bonus sex scene! So many ends. I also restructured the story for this one since I found that I jumped the gun of the advancement speed. Some BDSM goodness. I think that the fighting system is pretty balanced now so I decided to see how this would go.

You guys can tell me if you like that or would prefer to always remember the latest action. They are just for your viewing pleasure. They do not change the game at this point. You can upgrade your weapon and armor all the way to the max and you can buy the 3 aforementioned costumes. It will ask for the password below. Game rating: 5 Fate King v0.

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Soldiers life game

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