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Second Chance is a visual novel in original setting. Explore the city and make new friends, solving puzzles and revealing secrets the city hides. Far over the vast blue ocean rises a small, quiet, unremarkable city. One fine evening, Leslie finds himself at the station of this city, completely losing memories of his past.

On the platform, the mysterious girl Neny Ryn meets him, informing him that he is an exchange student at a local university. In an effort to find out who he was before, Leslie meets many interesting personalities. However, the strangeness that Leslie encounters in the very first days of his stay in the city makes him doubt not only whether they are friends, but even the nature of his own mind. Who are they really? Which of them is lying, and who is telling the truth?

And is it true that everyone in our world is entitled to a second chance? Author's visual style by the unsurpassed artist Eliana-Asato fills the game in all its aspects. Carefully recreated and unique characters with their unique features, highly detailed backgrounds and unique HCG-arts - all of this is done in the same style that allows players to immerse themselves into the game and feel its visual component. You never know whom the fate will bring you in this strange city. More than a dozen mysterious characters live their measured lives.

They don't even suspect that very soon the life of each of them may change under the influence of the hot heart of Lesley. Follow the call of your heart, and you can learn a lot more about each of them and see that part of their soul that was hidden not only from others, but also, and perhaps even from themselves. However, do not forget that every choice can lead to far-reaching consequences.

Most of the consequences for the rash choice will face you. And those consequences that remain outside the brackets, sooner or later risk affecting your fate. Several mini-games are deed to dilute the gameplay to get the most complete experience of feelings and sensations of the main character. Hack government security systems and look for ways to access strongly encrypted databases.

Defend your honor and fight, standing by an indestructible wall between enemies and those who are dear to you. Log in with itch. I must say, I'm a huge fan of SC! It is a work of art if you ask me. I just wanted to make few suggestions, only if it doesn't go against what the team came up with for the next parts : - the possibility to have another hot scene with Lin where she is Thank you for your attention and keep going like that :. I can't see or Download it on Steam.

Do I need to be in a special region for that? Or did the game got removed from Steam? Someone recommended me that game i would really love to play it. You need to disable the automatic filtering Steam does for adult content it fully blocks out some games labelled as mature content. How do I get the gallery artwork from or with the hot librian? She's very sexy, btw. At the moment we use Steam as the main platform for game distribution, because Steam allows us to regularly release patches for the game without the need for the player to constantly download and reinstall the game.

Our game uses no anti-piracy protection, so in theory you can play the latest version of the game without having to install Steam simply coping game files into another directory , but we haven't tested this feature. The only thing I can say for sure is that after the release of the full version of the game we will definitely add the stand-alone version. A pity. I don't have Steam in my computer. I use it most for work. Maybe I will try the Android port later? Hey I have a few questions. When is the next update coming out? Will their be a way to get with Seraz and lux.

Is there an IOS version? And lastly do you have a Twitter where I can more easily find future updates? Due to Apple policy, there will be no version for ios. The fifth chapter will include the possibility of moving on the plot Seraz branch. Unfortunately, we can not say exactly when we should expect the full version of Chapter 5. All I can say is that we are working on it.

I could actually like this a lot, but then scenes straight up stolen from "A Serbian Film" entered my field of vision!! What the actual HELL? For a short moment I was hoping the lizard clearly a dragon would rape the poor dude at least somewhat gentle! Protagonist — typical half-idiotic, weak, gay or not, furry protagonist — may not be the brightest lightbulb on the planet or most likable, but seriously? What did he do to deserve this and we as the players?? Play with your dark fetishes elsewhere! And what the fuck are you trying to tell us with the wolf and the knife, in the picture above?

Are all male x male sex scenes going to end up like the one with that lizard?!? And of course this is from Russia. Smh Are you trying to sell your country this way to us furries or are you trying to achieve the opposite in making us feel disgusted, or do you want to insult your own birthplace? I'm just here feeling helplessly 'unmotivated'. Go watch A Serbian Film, you will like it. That btw. And if you don't know why this movie, A Human Centipede is childsplay in comparison.

Now go watch it already, it will give you some ideas Change the tags of your game, if you want more visitors, but for the love of all living beings, don't. I can't believe I say this, apart from that shit the game is pretty good. We did not intend to show any fetishes with this scene.

We tried to portray that the action takes place in a rather cruel world. More brutal than it is commonly thought. Among other things, it is necessary for the player to understand the gravity of the consequences in future chapters of the game. The second important point is the optionality of this scene. This scene is not mandatory and is encountered by the player only in some variants of the passage, in all of which the player was warned about the doubtfulness of his choice. I understand that this scene may have caused and probably caused a lot of questions, as it was one of the final scenes of Chapter 4.

However, I can assure you that there will be enough information in Chapter 5 that may change your view of what is happening in this scene. You probably know or have even played the game Echo. So far it has the most cruel and inhuman scenes of any furry game I know and handles these topics in for Echo realistic ways. What I'm wondering about is, are women in your game ever going to experience this? Are only men disgusting individuels?

Most likely only the MC main character will experience horror, right, nice As I wrote, everything, but that dragon scene, is nicely done. If the game comes out as standalone game, I will buy it, because yes, I didn't buy it on steam. The version I found includes up to update 4 only. Oh, you have to warn the players with tags, so they can prepare themselves of what they're potentially going to see, side paths or not!

This is unacceptable. Not everyone wants to see Just wanted to say I loved the game so far Only got through one route I'm going to go back and play the rest I was wondering if you were thinking about making a twitter for the game good luck on the rest of the devolpment and can't wait to see the rest of the game. I'm curious, did you intend to reference the anime Kuroko no Basuke? Because in Lin's route, she first asks if you are her coach named Taiga, and later mentions her new coach is supposedly named Kagami, and Kagami Taiga is one of the main protagonists of Kuroko no Basuke.

I'm honestly curious, because I'm not sure if I'm seeing connections that don't actually exist. Good to know! I love Kuroko no Basuke, so I almost fell out of my chair in surprise when I noticed it. When's the game complete? And ca we do something with the secretary or whatever she's in the library 2?

You can write or answer me on Steam too, if you like. And're you on FB too? We don't when full game will be ready. Secretary dragon from chapter 2 won't be 'dateable', but she will appear in game in future. Ah, okay. Damn, that's really bad.

Not good too. With special contents or whatever in the settings. We had in plans to do stand-alone release, but it will be done only after 5th chapter translation will be out of beta stage We can't say when it will happen.

Actually you can just copy-paste steam game's directoty into another place, turn off steam and try to run exe file. This might work. I am enjoying your game. I love the graphics and story so far, but I only saw NSFW scenes with female characters and lizard male only. I wonder whether there are sexual scenes with male characters like Sam or maybe have plans for adding male characters too. Also, Is there something like character list?

Second chance furry game

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Second Chance