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Game Glories has started! Fuck Pride, here's some gay has finished! Posts s: 1. TheNecromancer TheNecromancer View games View playlists Close. I'm delving into Ace for the first time so I'm curious about general information on resolutions and full screen. First, I thought I was stuck in x but found out I can bump it up to x Which seems much better.

Is that the limit? Is that common? Or do most games keep the default? Or perhaps use another? Because that le me to my next concern, full screen seems blurry at both resolutions I tried. Is this normal? I don't play many newer RM games, so I don't even have any personal experience playing Ace games.

Is there some kind of method, like a script, that can make the graphics crisp in full screen? Does changing the Windows resolution have any effect? Is there anything I can do about it? Or is it an accepted downside, like colors in 2k3? Yes, x is the limit as far as I know, although you can make it "fullscreen" which just upscales everything.

That can make things very pixelated, if that bothers you. Is it common? Pretty common to bump it up to x There are some good scripts that are commonly used that bump it up automatically. I've found some display-related scripts are made for the default dimensions and freak out at x without going under the hood and fixing it. But generally, nothing really messes it up. You just have to expand your battlebacks and your maps to fit. Is it normal to be blurry at full screen? Is it my computer? Nope - it's just like that. Is there a script that makes things crisp?

Does changing Windows resolution help? Hmmn, never tried. Maybe someone else knows that one? Is there anything I can do or is an accepted downside? It's an accepted downside and a major reason why full screen is considered a major feature for MV; this was considered an improvement over vxace. Sgt M h. Sgt M View games View playlists Close. Keep in mind that this will make the resolution 20x15 tiles, so there may be times where the player isn't on the center of the screen, though RM does try to "pivot" the camera onto a half-tile for wider maps.

The script is free, allowed in commercial games, and I recommend everyone use it always and forever. Some good info djbeardo, thank you. SgtMettool, that script sort of works, but it's not quite perfect. It does give slightly more clarity. It seems to be dependent on the resolution of Windows, so I'm going to toy around with it. It's a good addition either way, thanks. Yomi-Chan "The purpose of life is to end. Yomi-Chan View games View playlists Close. There are ways to increase maximum game resolution, but honestly, you'll need a monster anti-lag script to keep the game butter smooth.

Currently, my project in development renders at around p, and I've gotten it up to p, but the lag gets more severe, the higher the resolution is. If you want higher resolutions, without the lag spiking, you'll need a commercial script named Effectus. I see. At least it's possible. I've come to accept the x resolution, but I am still looking for better fullscreen. That fullscreen script works better however there is a major flaw that probably affects me alone.

Normal fullscreen shows it normally. For now I'll deal with the blurry, or windowed mode. The Network. New to RMN? What is Makerscore?

Rpg maker game full screen

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