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I sighed happily at the feeling of an original Nintendo 64 controller in my hands, compared prices on complete in box consoles, and stopped dead in my tracks at seeing an actual copy of the rarest and most expensive games in the wild at the Dial-Up Games booth.

But, as I have for the last two years, I left empty-handed. I reminded myself that, as a New Yorker, I play Tetris all day long with storage in my home; adding a game collection to the mix would be like a barrage of Z pieces. And I reminded myself that—according to rumor!

To me, this decision felt so sudden. Given how much time I spent on the darn thing, it was like having your older brother sell part of your house. Entire console generations and game franchises have passed me by since the last time I picked up a controller and spent three days in a game. My grandmother and father both displayed hoarding tendencies. As a kid and as a teenager, I experienced the desire to just hang on to everything, just in case. To combat that, I ruthlessly curate, to the point that people are often shocked to hear that I, an ex-book blogger who co-runs a queer book club, only have a single shelf of books in my home.

But it took a long time and the KonMari method to get there. So why get involved in a hobby known for complete collections and game rooms bigger than my apartment? And, lastly, while I was lucky enough to grow up running with a pack of girl and nonbinary geeks who loved Nintendo as much as I did, I have had negative experiences in video game spaces. As a kid, I was a polite novelty, the little sister who would abandon everything to play GoldenEye with the big kids.

I was worried—and not without cause—that touching this hobby would expose me to more negativity than positivity. I could do this in a way that works for me. So I just finally wondered, after two years: Why not do this thing that makes me happy? Because the Nintendo 64 controller is blissfully and absurdly deed. Which, I suppose, is the point of any hobby: to kindle joy. Update your browser for more security and the best experience on this site. Credit: Nintendo. Tag: Fangrrls. Tag: Games. Clare McBride omnivoreal. Tag: Nintendo. Tag: Gamegrrls.

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R game collecting

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