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Latest Updates. Live Sex Cams. Live Cam Girls. Log in. New posts. Forums Adult Games Games. Discussion Reviews Prev 1 … Go to . Go to . First Prev 23 of 83 Go to . Indivi Active Member Game Developer. Jul 22, I just hate the thought of there being some content there that I haven't seen. And also there isn't really much of a reason to sleep regularly, until I read about needing to for this dream event I avoided doing so because you lose the bonuses you've picked up.

Reactions: Masterlordflame. Oct 12, 2, Always puts a smile on my face whenever i see text based porn game updates. Last edited: Nov 8, Reactions: rKnight , Indivi and familyfriendlyusername. Sofian Newbie. May 26, 33 Why do I now have to be a patreon to se the extended manor ending that was in the original? Reactions: Deleted member and SpellsOfErotica. Sofian said:. Reactions: ejmuerte. AislingoftheMist Member. Aug 27, Can you still do the scandalous act with Rinny?

I can't seem to get the option to show up. Oct 17, Just a question : I had a lot of fun with the first version of this game, and I would like to play it again. But is the Wiki for the original game still valid for the "plus" version?

Master of Puppets Well-Known Member. Oct 5, 3, 4, Master of Puppets said:. What scandalous act? If you mean sexing her up when you enter the tower, that only happens once per visit to the town. Leave Transylvania and return to see it again. Passerby Member. Apr 3, Ok, so I have two questions and two corresponding suggestions tied to one of them Question 1: Will we get to improve relations with Cassie in the next version? Suggestion: Increase her affection by giving her more fish.

Reactions: Master of Puppets. Cyril Kain Newbie. Jun 21, 93 Whoa, okay, that was weird. I'm reporting a bug. I started a new game, decided to talk my way out of a battle with the first bandit girl I met second fight, random battle, in the abandoned town's store and suddenly my game screen is vibrating up and down like an earthquake.

The screen was shifting between normal position and an inch or so up. I saved, backed out to title and it fixed itself. Never had that happen before, just thought you'd like to know it could happen. I used the trick to get the game to save in its own folder, in case that is where the bug is coming from, but I hadn't saved yet, so who knows.

Migia New Member. Jan 2, 12 7. How do you do the crypt puzzle? The wiki seems to be outdated up, left is not possible from the entrance of either the second or first section. Migia said:. Passerby said:. Treat it like a memory game. Remember which exit le to and be mindful of which area you wind up appearing at. I know it can be a bit jarring, but just stick it out and you'll get through it soon enough. I won't say why though, that you'll have to find out for yourself. It doesn't end at the mirror, does it? I don't have the mystic level to resist Dec 10, 14 2.

There's technically one more screen, but that is more or less the end of the puzzle. You need a mysticism of I think 4 to resist it, you must resist it to continue. Reactions: 88Michele How does one increase mysticism? I bought some of the items listed on the wiki, they didn't do anything.

Apr 13, 42 You can also just use magic in random encounters. Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register to reply here. Top Bottom.

Lust doll game wiki

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Lust Doll (Completed Game!)