Lesbian dating sim app

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Hi soo.. I must admit I'm a big sucker for good dating simulators, visual novels with a huge dating aspect and also other games that at least feature some well written romance subplot options. Basically I'm looking for ones where you can have at least a lesbian option. I know about Mass Effect and such but usually found the lesbian romances much less well-written and complex which is a bummer. Otherwise I've played 'Love is Strange' which was a fanmade project however.

I googled but it seems there are actually very few dating simulators with lesbian options and those that exist are usually anime-style which isn't really my kinda thing. So I'm grateful for any tips on maybe some 'hidden jewels'. In fire emblem fates 2 of the versions at least there is a character you can romance as the female avatar. A other option is to make the male avatar look like a woman and ignore that people refer to you as a he.

Starlight Vega VN was fun though that one I did have to pay for. There's an app, though I'm not sure if it's for every platform, called Lovestruck that has a lot of lesbian options and many different stories. I'm quite partial to Helena but there's something for everyone there. It's free, but to fully play it free you have to wait something like hours for your energy to refresh. It's not too expensive though to buy the energy, which I've done for ones I really liked, and I do like to support content I enjoy when I am not broke.

There's also this game called Queen of Thieves - which has a little more dating sim and RPG elements and than a flat visual novel. It's made by Winter Wolves, which makes a lot of visual novels that often have gay options also their logo is cool. I haven't played it fully through but I do plan to as I liked the concept a lot!

Have you heard about choice of games? Here is my favourite one: Choice of Robots. It allows you to play as a lesbian and romance people! Plus it has a wicked story, they have a free demo if you want to try it out. They also have a ton of other games. Kindred is very light and humorous while Flowers is a bit more sadder, as it deals with the MC coming to terms that she likes girls. If you're okay with mobile games, "Lovestruck" on the app store and Google play has probably the best lesbian romance visual novels I've ever read, and it's free to play.

I don't know that it's quite what you're looking for it's a visual novel with options that I don't think affect the story but if you haven't played Butterfly Soup, you really should. It's absolutely adorable. We know the devil - it's a visual novel, but not exactly a dating sim although the chemistry between the characters is very important. There are tons of lgbt themes! It also plays with christian religious themes, if you wanna avoid that. Ah I already watched a playthrough of that on youtube. Wasn't really my thing tbh mostly because I felt like I didn't understand it.

Highway Blossoms is really nice, although it's a kenetic novel and not a visual novel. That's better tho imo, because they fleshed the main character and her girlfriend out and they had a lot of chemistry together. I feel like it would have been harder to pull that off if you could choose between romancing like three or four girls.

There's a bunch of Yuri lesbian visual novels on this site. Black Closet is pretty fun and available on steam. You play as a student council president trying to manage scandals in a private school, and have a couple different options as far as dating. Posted by 3 years ago. Sort by: best. Continue this thread. All of those are non-anime style! Here is my favourite one: Choice of Robots It allows you to play as a lesbian and romance people! Wow that robot one was a wild ride. I love my angelic robot GF.

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Lesbian dating sim app

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