Girl life game mods

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I don't know what this article looked like on the original wiki, but it didn't survive the transfer very well. The XML file was an absolute mess. I've cleaned it up as well as I can, but it's still a very difficult to read - hopefully someone that actually understands modding can improve it further. First of all, I suggest getting a copy of Girl Life from GitHub, since that gets the files and utilities that you will need to use. You can open another mod or any. QGen 5 is in the main repository of Girl Life.

Junjulaug75 note: I couldn't check this line because I don't have wine. To understand how a mod is set up: Open up an existing mod and look at the locations. Illume made two examples mods easy to install and understand, they should be in the forum, in the mod thread; they add a couple of basic actions to the game, but it''s better to not rush things.

Open the mod you prefer and look for the three locations assuming the modder didn't change the locations order, they will work anyway Remember that the "modname" part in these is substituted with the actual mod's name. So in the case of the iwhore mod, these locations are:. This location sets up basic info to be displayed in the mods admin in the main app.

Should look something like this:. Pay attention to what's added before and after. This location should be only called by gs, so this line will not trigger on normal mod playing. This location is just to give a detailed description for the main app's mod. This is mostly just for me to get my feet wet making a mod.

And the "core" of your mod will be checked it the same way. It's not displayed here but in the main game mod location Anyway, once in game you read the detailed description written by the mod author you just installed the mod This location gets run in every location in the game. So for this reason, it's probably best practice to make whatever you put here be a light as possible. It should probably only be a set of if statement checks that see if the current location that is actualy running is one that your mod is interested in. For instance, if you mod does something in your appartment in the city, you should check to see if the current location is the appartment in the city, and then do stuff.

Probably a good idea to do a "gs" or "gt". Notice, all this example does is add an additional action if the player is currently in the Porn Studio location. The action then points them off to a safer location that acts more normally and is not run for all locations. The "core" location of the mod not only will be checked by Illume's magic everytime So if you are used to create a location to store names variable code part values and what do you want, and you are used to call it for example "notes" Some other words and examples from Junjulaug If the location you want to check is addressed that way, when you enter there you will have no problems; also Girl Life use in most of its location this address so you should go smooth most of the times If you want to add an action when you spray milk from your boobs at school First you should start, so you should create the three location in the right way.

The entry point is usually what have the main pic of the location of course; that is not valid if the location you are looking for is not a "physical" one. If you want to delete an action that is in game you should use "delact" and rewrite the act you just deleted as you wish i'm not a master about it Do not commit mispell: if you are deleting the action "go school" you are deleting the action "go school" and not "go school naked".

From what i know dynamics stores something that can be used easily by the game Let made it simple: shower is one of the things that is called with "dynamic" in that way:. So if you want to call the use of shower in your mod you should recreate what dynamic does inside your mod and call them in another way: i do that with.

It can happen that you wrote that correctly at the beginning but then things changed Search this site. Creating Mods. Should look something like this:! Let summarize for the moment We'll return to that later Couple of examples: If you want to add an action when you spray milk from your boobs at school Do not commit mispell: if you are deleting the action "go school" you are deleting the action "go school" and not "go school naked" Another hint: pay attention to the main game changes.

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Girl life game mods

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Girl Life Game Mods