Games like trials in tainted space

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Throughout the game, the player finds full freedom to customization over his character. At the start, the player is free to choose his race, height, genitals, and other things. The main storyline is dependent on the traits chosen by the player. It is up to the player to make a relation with the characters or just have a conversation for a while.

If a player chooses to have a relationship with any character, he must define the reason to approach the said character. It is the sequel to the Icewind Dale game set in the Forgotten Realms, where the player assumes as a commander of a group of mercenaries. It is a war between Ten Towns of Icewind Dale and some persecuted races and religions.

While playing the game, the environment can be viewed from an isometric angle. Before beginning the game, the player has to choose a pre-selected party or can create a party of six characters from the available ones. The game has not imported the characters from the original one even he has offered new characters. It takes the player to Kuldahar, where he encounters a barbarian shaman, Hjollder, who told him about the conflict.

The player can make a party of six characters where each character can belong to the same race or class. The included classes and races have many attributes and skills that a player can enhance over time. A total of nine levels are there, and after completing the nine levels, the player has to get a hand over the challenging campaign. Corruption of Champions is an Adventure, Text-based, and Single-player video game developed by Fenoxo. The gameplay is identical to the Trials in Tainted Space, where the player is free to modify his playable character. After the game begins, the player finds himself teleported in a world filled with crazy monsters and demons.

The player needs to interact with all these characters in multiple ways, and along the way, he will also encounter different kinds of enemies. After defeating the demon or monster, the player can leave them or rape them as per desire. In contrast, if the player loses against demons, the player will become a slave, and it is not wrong to say that it is over. Corruption of Champions 2 is an Adventure, Text-based, and Single-player video game developed by Fenoxo.

Moreover, the player is free to choose one race from a variety of races to simply make sure how his character looks according to the abilities. The addition of a companion accompanies the main character along his journey and helps him maintain the storyline. The combat is the same against the demons where victory allows the player to perform sexual actions, whereas the defeat lets the player start again.

Moreover, the players get to have a lot of dialogues when it comes to interacting with other characters. All through the time, the player has an assortment of features to customize his character and gets to choose everything about his character. The main storyline follows a meeting with a goddess named Aria, and just after, the player got teleported into this world.

The goddess will help the player get out of this world, but the player will have to complete a few quests before he can gain aid. The player can interact with all kinds of characters and have plenty of options to approach the said character. Featured with pre-defined dialogue boxes, the player can interact with the NPCs accordingly. During the gameplay, the player plays the job of a student who comes to meet different ladies at school as well as at home. The player has a deep interest in the girls, and his interest expands as he discovers different looks of the girls.

The player has to impress the desired girls by performing different activities such as cooking, gym, studying, and other more. The protagonist can interact with the ladies through a set of dialogues offered by the game. The player has to make choices and make progress, such as he has to decide on the next destination, whether to go home or to the gym.

Get into the adventure, show off the dating skills, impress the girls, and experience a variety of beautiful ladies. In the game, the player needs to struggle to avoid death and pursue a relationship with both female and male characters. In the game, the player plays as Mariko, who discovers herself stuck in an eerie palace with other five characters who have lost their memories of past.

There are seven pursuable characters, and the game features more than twenty possible endings, depending on the decisions and choices the player makes while playing the game. Different storylines are available with unlockable and alternative paths. It takes place in the fantasy setting where magic serves as a ificant part of everyday life. During the gameplay, the player can interact with other characters, find out her love of romance, and find the reason how she was reached here. The protagonist is kept it a secret from everyone due to its content, except two closest friends such as Toa and Mihiro.

According to the plot, one day, a strange event happens, and the protagonist finds that the Student Council President of the School is actually the illustrator for his manga. The Student Council is searching for a male representative, who he is persuaded.

The player has a secret to keep. Therefore he can on one condition that his manga work be kept confidential. During the play, the player needs to make choices to determine the outcome of the story. There are lots of characters, and the player can interact with them to share information. With an exciting cast of characters, detailed graphics, and exquisite storyline, Wagamama High Spec is a good game to play. The game takes place during the interwar period, where the detective and gun enthusiast named Laura Silver is sent to the strange land to an epic investigation.

According to the storyline, a mysterious creature is lurking in the murky waters. However, after the arrival of the detective, they are read to investigate the strange case, disguised as two journalists. There are more than seventy-thousand words available to use for conversation and more than eight hours of total fun gameplay with thrill elements. More than decisions are available, and the player needs to make them while playing the game to advance the story that will later determine the outcome of the plot. The game lets the player experience the romance that torn between school life and mysterious spirits.

In the game, the player assumes the role of the protagonist, who born into a religious family and left his homeland in order to move to Taipei with the aim of the study and follow his dreams. While playing the game, the player will struggle to escape the pressure of returning to the temple of his family in the process. The ordinary college life of the player seems to be going really great until suddenly one day his third mysterious eye was opened. Now, the player can see different spirits and mysterious kings in the world needs to deal with new found powers, his boring school life, and three cats who want to inform him about his life and the future as well.

It is a visual novel game about the consequences and pressures of deciding fate in the worlds of spirits. The game introduces unique gameplay, in which the player takes on the role of a praying mantis who is in a relationship with a dilemma. In the game, the player has two options, such as making love and take the risk of death. During the gameplay, the torn between their loves could lead the male mantis to death. Both characters are standing on the brink the edge where they must make a decision. While playing the game, the player must struggle to maintain their relationship in balance by typing whatever he wants in response to his partner during the conversation.

In the game, the player has a choice to type his response without any restriction and watch the conversation unfold. In the start, the player can select to play the game either as a male or a female character. Show Details.

Games like trials in tainted space

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