Games like trapquest

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Is it just me or are half decent porn games few and far between? Yeah, there are plenty with flashy graphics, hot bitches, and alright enough gameplay, but why settle for such average games? Yes, even you ugly cucks out there. I want a sexy, kinky game that will let me bust a nut, but that game needs to be good. Fuck that shit. With so many disappointing games out there, it can be hard and time consuming to parse through all the bullshit. And sometimes I get a gem thrown my way that somebody actually put some passion and time into. The game has been in development since and is still in beta, but enough of the game has been finished to offer a solid experience.

Nearly thousand of you horny bastards come to this site every single month. A couple of bases need covering before I give you all the dirty details about this game. Completely free. Next, you need to download the game to play it. There are a few options here depending on how you want your character depicted. And this avatar can be drawn, 3D, a compilation of porn images, and a couple other options depending on what you download. You can always switch windows later if you want to see a busty 3D version of your slut.

Yeah, there are some trans fetishes you can explore and delve down into, but they are optional. The initial setup lets you customize the game window and even gives you access to a beta dark reader. Fuck yeah. It covers basic mechanics and how to play the game by running you through a trial dungeon. Not doing it would be like going and trying to fuck some bitch without knowing hole from hole.

You start the game by picking what sort of experience you want. You can start as a babe and get sluttier as the game goes on, or you can pick a dude and get sissified. Obviously, I went with the slut. Though you futa lovers would have a good time with that. Your character starts off naked and adrogynous, but that all changes as you go. And this is a very much play it your way type of game. The general goal is to navigate this trap-filled dungeon while keeping your slutty body away from NPCs that want to fuck your brains out so that you can escape and maybe find out who this mysterious princess is that made the dungeon.

But you can also just say fuck that and go around purposefully hitting traps and getting some erotic sex scenes to fap to. The game is actually pretty well written for how much dialog and text there is here. I was impressed. And the features are intuitive and easy to use. You can click on the map or use written commands to move from room to room, examine objects, talk to other characters, fight, fuck, and everything else. The desktop version is still in beta, so who knows when or if the game will get a port to mobile. There are a lot of resources here aside from the game that you can check out.

I like that they went with a text-based game, but included some extra details that really take the experience to the next level. Sure, yeah, fapping to an erotic sex scene is great, but having some pictures to go along make it that much better. You actually have choices that matter and make the game fun and hotter. The whole body changing aspect is great too. I liked watching my androgynous chick devolve into a cock hungry cum slut as the game progressed.

Most of my suggestions are minor. Some proofreading needs to be done. Not much more to say there. You can explore dungeons full of busty babes, kinky demons, and so much more. A lot of work has gone into this and it shows. So, what the fuck are you waiting for? Trap Quest. Game is in Beta and is Completely Free to Play and Fap to A couple of bases need covering before I give you all the dirty details about this game. Fuck Everyone and Everything in Your Path or Play it Safe and Avoid Danger But you can also just say fuck that and go around purposefully hitting traps and getting some erotic sex scenes to fap to.

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Games like trapquest

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Trap Quest [Ongoing] - Version: R13 v Clothing Window