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During the game, the player lives a random life from birth to death, and in this period, the player can enjoy all the basic things that a real person can experience. After opening the app, the player can start a new life after clicking the age button on the screen. Throughout the game, the player may need to manage various aspects of life such as Happiness, personality, smartness, emotions, and other major aspects. Moreover, the player also needs to earn as much money as possible to have a happier disposition in life.

Throughout the game, the player gets into the role of a glamorous star in the famous TV series, which has a dream to become the highest-grossing actor in the world. According to his personality and taste, the player can become a famous brand, an ambassador, a stage actor to amuse fans, or even participate in musical concerts. Firstly, the player has to choose a character from a huge variety of available ones, but choose wisely because, in the game, the selected character cannot be changed.

In the beginning, the player performs a temporary job like a janitor or barman but using his skills and personality; the player must grab fortune at the right time to make a road to success. It all depends on the player, whether to be a celebrity or live life as a janitor. Initially, the player has to choose a character from an array of beautiful characters available. The player can modify his avatar using in-game accessories and can make up the character as well to enhance the beauty.

The player can work at different places to earn money and meet their personal needs. All through the game, the player can adopt his desired lifestyle from two available ones. One mode is offering the player to become a student where he can make buddies and interact with friends just like a school student. Another mode lets the player go on the ram equipped with weapons.

The player can control and change almost four characters in the same stage where two are initially available, and the rest of the characters will get unlocked after watching advertisements. Regular updates will grant the player new content to experience certain things. At the bottom left of the screen, the player finds a virtual pad letting the player move the character all around.

All through the game, the player takes on the role of a jobless boy whose parents are in trouble. The player has only ten weeks to pay the loan, and if it gets impossible, the player must marry the awful-looking girl.

All a player needs is to travel to the city of Citampi, find work and please the parents by sending money. Not only money, but the player will also engage in true friendship, stories, love, relationship, and many exciting things. The player can date girls, build a family, get married and have a baby. The game can be played offline without the internet, and interesting the player can offer gifts and various things to his friends on special occasions.

The story revolves around managing a family in the city using text-based gestures. The player will experience all kinds of things that happen in real-time, like working, getting married, having children, feeding a family, and other things that are a part of daily routine.

The game has offered many opportunities to build a career, and every different job contains different events where the will be unique every time. Moreover, the player can also start a business for revenues. All the characters, such as friends, parents, children, neighbors, colleagues, are very vivid people with ificant ideas. As a responsible person, the player must educate his family members to give them a sense of good and evil. Throughout the game, the player plays the role of a student who has to face all the problems and meet characters to learn lessons.

The player can interact with many characters and relations, such as parents, teachers, friends, and other buddies. The player can also take pictures with them to memorize the best moments or scenes. Moreover, along with study, the player can partake in other essential activities like cooking, domestic affairs, and other casual activities that are part of daily routine. The game controls are very simple and are adaptive to touchscreens requiring the player to hit the button in order to perform any legal action like movement, talking, taking snaps, etc.

Al through the time, the player plays like a high school girl named Miku who has to fight for his love. Senpai is the boy who has become the crush of the main protagonist, but the guy is the boyfriend of another girl named Monica. The game is set in the Japanese school and surroundings where the player will meet other inhabitants having different personalities. The game has nine playable characters where the player can play as male or female.

All through the game, the player lives a random life from start to end with the goal to manage important decisions and become successful in this virtual life simulation game. The player has to choose an avatar accordingly and modify its attributes as per desire. The player must go with a professional career, buy a house, go shopping, and experience other luxuries. Moreover, the player can alter his lifestyle by customizing his house and personal appearance. The player must grow his earnings grow to have all the luxuries that a random person wants in real-time.

At the start, the player has to do some extra jobs to earn more money. The game lets the player live his life accordingly and fulfill all his plans that he cannot participate in in real-time. All a player needs is to go through tough challenges and achieve outstanding success. The player starts the adventure from nothing, but upon his professional selection, the player can alter his lifestyle and luxuries. After purchasing a dream home, the player must look for a typical car to enhance his luxurious lifestyle. Not only making money and enjoying luxuries is enough, but the player must also marry a girl, build a family, and have kids.

Furthermore, the player must keep his mood and health bars at a high level for the happiest life ever. The gameplay is similar to the game, Life is Strange, where your main objective is to enjoy a digital life without any hard work and struggles in a cartoon environment.

Sometimes, the character supposes to be adopted by someone. You start your childhood at the age of five years, go to primary school for primary education, and at the age of ten years, your career develops, and you pass through secondary education. At the age of eighteen, you become independent and take part in other activities, such as you can take your driving test, make your decisions individually, and get a part-time job to bear your expenses.

You can buy a house and can enjoy all the activities that include clubbing, vacationing, wandering, and gambling. During the gameplay, the four bars at the bottom of the screen will show your health, happiness, smartness, and personality factors. The meaningful relationship is with the lover whom you get married and enjoy half of the remaining life. The player can occupy many jobs with different working hours and salary packages, or you can develop your self-employment by getting a higher education.

The character will die if the health bar gets lower and die a natural death if he lives in a non-harmful company, and the game rewards you a ribbon at the time of death that specifies the way you live. The game takes place in the fantasy world and lets you a chance to live your second life and enjoy the experience of high school.

There are different characters available, and you can create and customize your own using lots of items, and accessories. You can interact with cute boys, make friends and can dance with your boyfriends on parties. Create your own story, explore the world, try lots of outfits, live in your way and make a date with friends. The ultimate task is to become popular to find your love. It has multiple levels, and each level offers exciting gameplay. It has five stories to explore, and you can chat with boys and go on dates for fun.

Try it out, and have fun. Life Quest 2: Metropoville takes you to a beautiful setting of Metropoville, lets you be a 12 year old character and start off your journey of living the life. Life Quest 2 offers an amazing real life like environment and allows you to go through the routines you normally go through in your daily life such as studying, searching for jobs, have pets, romancing etc.

Life Quest 2 lets you totally control your life and decide what you want to do, who you want to be etc. In the game world, you age with the time so in order to perfectly embed you into the game-play, Life Quest 2: metropoville lets you make choices that would totally decide your life ahead, building up your career, finding a better job, building up your home, falling in love, marrying and raising a whole family is what makes this game a little bit unique and engaging as compared to a lot of the titles out there.

With wonderful setting, great real life like characteristics, great visuals and an immersive game-play, Life Quest 2: Metropoville is a wonderful game to play and enjoy. Your task in the game is to simply leave your small town and move to a big city for a better life and to chase your dreams. This cool game is basically your journey from bottom to the top and it allows you to be a better person in so many different ways.

With a heavy influence from The Sims and a lot of other cool games like that, brilliant character customization options, coolest ever visuals, a unique Social Interaction experience and an immersive game-play, City Girl Life is a fun game to play.

The game puts you into the character of Elena and tasks you with going through her hectic life. You can fully control her character, job, relationships, health etc. You must also find a best job for her that provides with a good house, cloths and fulfills other needs. As the game is a community based dating Sim, you must interact with other players, objects and solve puzzles etc. Ciao Bella provides with 13 great episodes and a lot of other amazing stuff.

This cool game is all about managing your life, befriending people and finding the best match for yourself and engage yourself into an amazing and romantic relationship. Gaia Online is a superbly developed online and 3D Social Networking, Virtual World Simulation that takes you to a new dimension of online gaming. The game lets you be part of the huge game world by creating and customizing and online anime character for yourself. Once you are in the game world, you can get into the most exciting activities ever.

Games like newlife

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Games Like NEW LIFE