Games like legend of queen opala

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Are you 18 years of age or older? Skip . We use cookies to improve your experience using this site. More information. Select a membership level. Jadeite Tier. My deepest gratitude for your appreciated support! Amethyst Tier. Golden Tier. About SweGabe. Hi there! So, after many recommendation, I finally decided to make a Patreon. Then who the heck am I, for those who doesn't know me? Well, I'm mostly known as SweGabe or simply Gabe, used to be a illustrator before I stumbled upon my idea to create the character Queen Opala, and then expanded that into a whole game series, simply called Legend of Queen Opala!

What began as games I merely did on my spare time, now years later with two finished games under my belt, I'm currently hard at work making Legend of Queen Opala: Origin, the third title in the series, and able to work full-time on these games as a living, all thanks to crowdfunding and you awesome, supportive fans! Explore a vast world with a fantasy steampunk setting and over 60 unique locations What is Legend of Queen Opala?

While I do nearly everything myself when it comes to structure and coding for the game, I'm also paying a lot of people to help with visual content such as emoticons in conversations, original sprites, battleposes, CG Illustrations, voice actresses and a bunch of various artists to provide with optional illustrations for the gamers to find. Unlock a variety of costumes for each playable party member The game features five different art styles to choose between And you can always follow the Official LoQO blog too, weekly updates!

Thanks for stopping by! Frequently Asked Questions 1 Your pledge is processed the moment you up. The game will include unlockable sections where you get to play as some of the more important female roles in the game to tell more of their backgrounds, with each side story including or ending with an adult scene.

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Games like legend of queen opala

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Legend of Queen Opala