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Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto V is one of the biggest games of all time, not just in terms of popularity and sales, but in scope too. However, being as big as it is, it still has its fair share of critics, and even some of the biggest fans of the game have some hot takes on the satirical epic. Compared to its predecessor, one gamer thought the story of GTA V was a step backward. More than any other game, the Grand Theft Auto series has trucklo of copy cats. There are so many GTA clones that have the same kind of gameplay and open-world exploration, but none of them come close to the gold standard.

But a small minority believe that Sleeping Dogs is better than not just GTA V , but better than any game in the series, arguing that the game has superior driving controls, shootings mechanics, and story. As GTA V was the first time in which there was more than one playable character, they all had their unique quirks and totally different personalities.

But some fans believe that as there were three different characters, not enough time was given to all of them and that it only felt like Michael had any proper character development. Trevor will always be the same psychotic Trevor. On top of that, the way players could switch between them at any point in levels was an incredible addition to the series, so fans welcomed it. Of all things to complain about, few would ever think fans would have a problem with the enormous size of the map. The game is full of random occurrences that are unique to each gamer depending on where they are and how they got there.

In a post that praises every single element of the game, one fan argues the many claims that there was too much satire in GTA V. Coming off the heels of GTA IV, which was generally much darker in tone than any other game that came before it, Rockstar used GTA V for ridiculous one-liners, silly references to thousands of movies, and to mock millennials, including their own fans. The Redditor loved the satire and believes that it improved the game, where many others think ruined it. But one critic accused the character of being way over the top and his introduction ruined the relationship between Michael and Franklin in the first act.

But with so many rumors swirling about a new game and false news updates every day, some are perfectly complacent with the eight-year-old game. However, though the map is admittedly huge, with so many things to do, surely there are hardcore gamers would have found every secret possible several times over after eight years. However, the modding community is a small crowd compared to the millions of people who play the game, and those millions would much rather keep the game in its original form.

But the Redditor has a good point , as one of the ways GTA V has changed for the better since its release is how modders have tweaked the game. But as great as the online mode is, many players still enjoy playing solo. But this fan is willing to put up with all of the micro-transactions and waiting around for other players to the game instead of getting any single player DLC.

It might be an unpopular opinion, but a hot take has never made more sense than this, as one gamer low-key tries to assemble a rebellion amongst the GTA community. With the game having been out for such a long time, it has literally now been released on three different generations of consoles. By Stephen Barker Published Apr 06, Share Share Tweet 0. Related Topics Lists grand theft auto.

Fun flash games reddit

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