Body swap video games

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In most story-based games, you play as one character from beginning to end. We took a quick dive through gaming history to unearth a few other times when all you needed to solve a problem was a new perspective. It has a strange sense of humor, its characters are extremely quirky, and it takes place on a series of interconnected screens instead of distinct levels which was a little strange back in Scaring humans into a vulnerable state then possessing their bodies to solve puzzles sounds unique, and taking on the bodies of other people can lead to some great story moments.

Unfortunately, most of the puzzles in Geist are fairly simple and rely on simple lock-and-key mechanisms, turning the ability to possess other people into just another way to open doors instead of letting you experiment however you want. Destroy All Humans! In the sequel, he can body-snatch them proper, using them for mostly the same purposes. Prototype Much like Destroy All Humans! Besides, it has the same effect: for a few moments you became someone else, taking on their traits and using them to your advantage. You manipulate doors to get people to move around, to notice certain things in the room, or prevent someone from dying.

A lot of this involves figuring out how to get from one end of the room to the other using moving objects in tandem with each other, like using fan blades to swing a rope. You can also travel through any phone line instantly -- an ability most of us wish we had. Every character in Stacking is a Matryoshka doll, and the tiny player character, Charlie Blackmore, has to work his way into larger and larger dolls to gain entry to certain parts of each level.

Driver: San Francisco Driver: San Francisco mixes up a wide assortment of concepts and makes them work. It has the look and feel of a 70s cop drama. And through these premises and influences, we get the ability to fly around as a ghost and posses anyone driving a car. Rather than treat people as keys, it lets you fly around and be other people for fun.

It works surprisingly well, with Jeff Cork calling it one of the most surprising games of in his review. Dishonored In Dishonored, you can learn to possess small animals like rats or fish. You can read Joe Juba's review of the game here. Crawl In Crawl, five people play a game of fantasy tag. One player, as the hero, tries to make their way through a dungeon while battle hordes of monsters, which the other three players controls.

If one of the monsters kills the hero, they swap places: the hero would die and take control of the monsters and vice versa. At some point, you control at least one body other than your own. In. Post Tweet . Follow Us. Share Facebook Post. Twitter Tweet. . Comment Comment. Popular Content.

Body swap video games

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